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I love your ability to capture beauty all around you. Your pictures are so inspirational!
MOM - 18 Jun 2017
Hi Angela,Your photographs are so beautiful I almost had to catch my breath. You have captured the mystical light. Wow! Thank you!
Elizabeth Cameron - 11 Dec 2015
You have great talent at "seeing" with your eyes and capturing with your camera. Very impressive photos!
Steve Montgomery - 25 May 2015
Hey Angie, I like your pics so much I'm gonna cut 'n paste them all!!! :)
Pete Larsen - 23 Nov 2013
Incredible images Angela! Professional & beautiful to share on your website.
Cindi Uhlemann - 8 Oct 2013
wow, great pics!!! Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Or something like that.
cookieman - 12 May 2013
I see beauty through your lense. A human connection to nature. Beautiful photography Angela!
Nancy McGlone - 26 Apr 2013
Beautiful images Angela. Looking forward to seeing your Spanish vistas!
Lesley Daniel-Emery - 24 Apr 2013
Stunningly beautiful. I had no idea.
mike gurski - 24 Apr 2013
Way to go Angela! These images are incredible, arresting, and evocative. I can feel how much you enjoy the landscape around you. Your talent shines! Keep on making work.
kate subak - 20 Jan 2013
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